XY Skin + Body Specialists

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XY Skin + Body Specialists is an Australian skincare clinic specialising in skin and body care solutions for men and women of all ages. They wanted their marketing to stand out from all their competitors by using bright, bold colours, quirky images and creative headings that keeps their advertising interesting, fresh and fun.





Banksia + Bowerbird

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Banksia + Bowerbird is a new homewares store located in Brisbane, Queensland. They also provide expert advice on environmental management, threatened species, water and waste management and conduct environmental awareness training. 


Source Café

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Source Café is a family owned cafe based in Auckland, New Zealand who focus on sourcing eco friendly and ethically made produce.  Each element can be traced back to its original source of creation or making and tells the story, or details ‘the why’ that this particular product was used or ‘sourced’.


Mixa Organics

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Sol Cleanse were marketing a pre-made cold pressed juice for alcohol that was healthy, organic and locally sourced. They were looking to bring a healthy alternative to drinking alcoholic beverages and help bars to have a quicker turnover when making cocktails.