Source Café

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Source Café is a family owned cafe based in Auckland, New Zealand who focus on sourcing eco friendly and ethically made products.

We wanted to keep the design fresh, just like the delicious meals at Source Café. The branding reflects the main focus of the café, local and organic elements that can be traced back to the source.

Banksia + Bowerbird

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Banksia + Bowerbird is a homewares store located in Brisbane, Queensland. They also provide expert advice on environmental management, threatened species, water and waste management and conduct environmental awareness training. 

What better way to represent water than to use water colours! We created an abstract image of the banksia flower, used negative space for the bowerbird and finished with a simple but bold font to give the logo a professional touch.

Organik Ally

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Located on the Sunshine Coast, Organik Ally offers affordable organic and chemical free products at wholesale prices.

Organik Ally approached us to create a brand that was crisp, clean and well….organic. Imagery is overexposed to keep it crisp, negative space to allow breathing room and to keep the eye focused and a fresh, clean colour palette.

XY Skin + Body Specialists

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XY Skin + Body Specialists is an Australian skincare clinic specialising in skin and body care solutions for men and women of all ages.

XY Skin + Body Specialists wanted their branding to have a point of difference and stand out from their competitors. We made this happen by creating a brand that was bright, bold, and a little bit quirky.

Lil Birdee Sleep Solutions

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Lil Birdee Sleep Solutions is a baby sleep consultancy based in Gold Coast that creates personalised sleep programs for little ones.

There’s nothing that says love and trust more than a tender moment between a mother and her baby. This hero image combined with soft pastel colours used throughout the branding are the perfect fit for Lil Birdee Sleep Solutions.